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Vegetable Tian

Cooking method:

Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 Multifunction Oven DT200
  • Prep Time: 40 mins
  • Cook Time: 40 mins
  • Total time: 1h 20 mins
  • Skill Easy
  • Serves 6 people

Vegetable Tian

Tip: Make your dish even more delicious by adding mozzarella or goat’s cheese slices. 


  • 500g aubergines, cut into 7mm slices
  • 2 tbsp salt
  • 500g courgettes, cut into 5mm slices
  • 5 beefsteak tomatoes, cut into 5mm slices
  • 6 tbsp olive oil, divided
  • Few sprigs of fresh thyme
  • 1 tbsp fresh basil leaves, chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, cut into strips
  • 3 bay leaves, cut in 3

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  • Step 1

    In a strainer, salt the aubergine slices with 2 tablespoons of salt and let them drain for half an hour. 

  • Step 2

    Meanwhile rub the bottom of oven tray with a garlic clove and brush with 1 tablespoon olive oil.

  • Step 3

    In a small bowl, toss thyme leaves, and basil with olive oil and brush the courgette and tomato slices.

  • Step 4

    Rinse the aubergine slices and pat dry before brushing them with the herb oil.

  • Step 5

    Assemble Tian by alternating the slices of aubergine, courgette and tomatoes in a slightly lying position and slide a slice of garlic every 4-5 pieces of vegetable. Do this until the whole tray is covered. Sprinkle with bay leaves and a few sprigs of thyme. Brush with herb oil.

  • Step 6

    Install a wire rack on Level 3. Select ROAST, set temperature to 170°C and set time to 40 minutes. Press START / STOP to begin preheating.

  • Step 7

    When the unit has preheated, place  oven tray on wire rack on Level 3 and close oven door to begin cooking.  Halfway through cooking, brush vegetables with any remaining oil.

  • Step 8

    Serve Tian with fish or meat.