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Smoked Salmon Fillets

Cooking method:

Ninja Woodfire Electric Outdoor Oven, Artisan Pizza Maker & BBQ Smoker
  • Prep Time: 1h 45 mins
  • Total time: 2h 10 mins
  • Skill Easy
  • Serves 6 people


Tip: Allergy Advice

This dish contains the following allergens: Fish

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  • 80g salt
  • 80g granulated sugar
  • 6 salmon fillets (120g/4oz each), skin on
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil

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  • Step 1

    In a small bowl, mix salt and sugar together then sprinkle over the salmon on all sides. Refrigerate for 45 minutes

  • Step 2

    After 45 minutes, remove salmon from fridge then wash the salmon fillets with cold water and pat dry with kitchen paper. Place the salmon, uncovered, back in the fridge for 1 hour or until completely dry

  • Step 3

    Remove salmon from fridge. Rub the salmon fillets with oil to coat. Place the Roast Rack in the Pro-Heat Tray, then place the salmon on top, skin side down

  • Step 4

    Install the Accessory Frame in the bottom level of the unit. Open the oven door, place the tray with the salmon on the frame then close the door

  • Step 5

    While holding the smoke box open, use the pellet scoop to pour pellets into the smoke box until filled to the top. Close the smoke box

  • Step 6

    Turn dial to select SMOKER, set temperature to 120°C, set time to 25 minutes. Press START/STOP to begin cooking

  • Step 7

    Cooking is complete when the internal temperature reads 65°C, open door and remove salmon

  • Step 8

    Allow the salmon to rest for 5 minutes before serving with your favorite side dishes